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YC INDUSTRY was established in 1999 which is specialized in manufacturing Steel rolling processing as well as CNC Cutting Machine. Develop up to now, We have 4 factories, and 2 of them are elevator guide rails manufactures, which covered more than 46,000 square meters. With the automatic production lines of rolling mill and processing, the capacity of rolling mill is 22000-30000 Tons/month, and the capacity of processing is 8000-10000 Tons/month. Elevator guide rail and accessories have become our major business. Due to the sufficient production capacity, we supply many well-known elevator companies and elevator guideway traders in China, enjoying a good reputation both at home and abroad and maintaining a long-term cooperative relationship. In order to help more foreign elevator suppliers and elevator guide rail importers reduce procurement cost, we have now set up our own foreign trade department. At the beginning, we can give you a good price to win the market.
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  • With the global economy speeding up to try and match the needs of a rising population, global environmental pollution is becoming a more serious problem. To try and solve the issue and protect the environment, and by extension our planet, we need to find ways to reduce emissions and save energy. To do that, major industries such as the auto industry are looking for suitable counters to their present working conditions. With high fuel consumption and pollution output, the industry has to make some changes. What kind of countermeasures are being developed in the auto industry, though? Two primary methods are becoming viable today. One is the development of electric vehicles, whilst the other method is to make our vehicles lighter. Lightweight automobiles might seem like a good idea, but how can they help to reduce energy usage over the long-term? How can they help to reduce emissions? The aim is to make cars lighter without compromising their performance or their durability. This helps to make the vehicle as (or more) powerful whilst retaining the strength of the vehicle previou
  • Many equipments claim to be the best tools for processing stainless steel. For some applications, the tolerances achieved by most machine tools as well as the subsequent effects of processing are good. But when manufacturers want to make high precision parts and weld them well, they only need a water jet cutting machine. Stainless steel is ususally processed by CNC milling machine and lathes. The biggest disadvantage is that stainless steel is easy to be harden during processing. The machining process must be optimized to dissipate heat to ensure that the working material is not deformed by the heat-affected zone. In addition, high-speed steel or cemented carbide cutting tools must always be sharp. After processing stainless steel on CNC machine tools. rough edges are usually left. Therefore, an auxiliary process of filing or deburring is added.
  • This mini CNC waterjet cutting machine has an exquisite appearance design and a guard fence around the cutting platform. The splash-proof design can ensure that the workshop clean and tidy. For more information, please contact us.
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